Weber County Poor Farm Cemetery

The Weber County Poor Farm Cemetery is located in Roy. It was thought, after a dedication ceremony in the 1980’s, that this cemetery would be preserved. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The dedication plaque was removed from the property and a local contractor has made the decision to build on top of the cemetery. The graves have not been moved.

These records are from the infirmary and list the date of admission to the infirmary and the date of discharge, death in this case. Occasionally, a cause of death was recorded.

Daniel SandersM1844Sweden?25 Jun 1888Rheumatism29 Jul 1888Swedish or Danish
Richard PickeringM27 Aug 1837DinhamEngland29 Feb 1889Lame from broken leg29 Aug 1895
William FisherM1802Virginia30 Mar 1889Old and infirm18 Mar 1890
Harrison HowardM26 Mar 1859SacrementoCalifornia9 May 1889Consumption31 Jul 1889
James RoweM23 Dec 1811BastinEngland17 Jun 1889Blind7 Dec 1893
John TaylorM1855Illinois21 Jul 1889Injured in a fight29 Aug 1889Died of effects of a knife broken in the head (colored)
William KnoyleM11 Apr 1859LandorWales15 Nov 1889Sick12 Nov? 1889
William M. HillM30 Jul 1839AdamsIllinois16 Jan 1890Consumption21 Feb 1890
Hannah FreemanF21 Mar 1812Fr?3 Feb 1890Infirm22 Jul 1890
James FarrellM28 Feb 1862Scotland6 Sep 1890Typhoid Fever2 Oct 1892
Henry GreestM16 Jan 1826SurraEngland5 Nov 1890Infirm1 Dec 1891
E. L. EdwardsM10 Oct 1837DaytonOhio24 Dec 1890Bronchitis16 Jan 1891
F. J. BarnesM8 Aug 1856Maine8 Dec 1891Sick17 May 1892
Thomas DelaneyM21 Oct 1859Virginia22 May 1892Consumption1 Apr 1892
Margrt WilliamsF25 Dec 1833Wales7 Jan 1894Sick25 Dec 1895cancer
John SturgeonM22 Oct 1855ArmstrongPennsylvania6 Jun 1895Sick10 Jun 1895
John McWilliamsM1828Ireland1 Sep 1895Old age14 Nov 1895heart trouble
Maria HoneywellF2 Jun 1840Pennsylvania4 Apr 189615 Dec 1902
O. D. BoyleM27 Dec 1844Wales13 Jun 1892Sick11 Aug 1898
Carl Erickson LundM24 Sep 1833Denmark10 Dec 1898Old age17 Jun 1899
William RobertsM1824Wales24 Jul 1899Old age17 Sep 1900
Charles BarnardM5 Dec 1829New York3 Dec 1899Cripple14 May 1900
James ShaynesMJul 1844Scotland2 Apr 1902Sick22 Oct 1902
Rubin MillerM4 Aug 1902Sick21 Aug 1902

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