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Porterville Cemetery

Porterville Cemetery, Porterville, Utah

Compiled by Vera P. Carter from the records of Fred Florence, Elma Dickson, Betty Green, Arthur Florence, and the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah Number  Last Name  First / Middle Name(s)  Born  Died  Comment  1 Adams Thomas S. 1840 1911   2 Adams Jane Durrant 1846 1935   3 Adams Harold Draper 1917 1917 (f. Hyrum) 4 Andersen Baby 1930 1930 (Bill & Ruth) 5 Anderson Dale 1935 1935 (Bill & Blanche) . 6 Baltzerson Ane Margrethe 1806 1876 (h. Soren Pederson) 7 Bullis Sarah Wilson Voss 1857 1934   8 Bullis Bernell 1875 1915   9 Brough […]

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Uintah Cemetery, Uintah, Utah

Uintah Cemetery, Uintah, Utah

Uintah Cemetery had its first burial in about 1850-51 and is still in use today. Due to its proximity to the railroad tracks, a number of wooden grave markers were lost in grass fires sparked by the trains. Written burial records at Uintah Cemetery were nonexistent for some time. The current sexton has made every effort to put together a most complete list of burials at the cemetery. In the comments field of the records are annotations regarding details of burials. This column lists military service designated by war. It also indicates removals and what cemetery they were moved to.

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Weber County Poor Farm Cemetery

The Weber County Poor Farm Cemetery is located in Roy. It was thought, after a dedication ceremony in the 1980’s, that this cemetery would be preserved. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The dedication plaque was removed from the property and a local contractor has made the decision to build on top of the cemetery. The graves have not been moved.

These records are from the infirmary and list the date of admission to the infirmary and the date of discharge, death in this case. Occasionally, a cause of death was recorded.

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About 1883 - F H Reeder in front of his store

Biography of Francis Hubbard Reeder

Francis Hubbard Reeder (Reader)1830-1902 Francis Hubbard Reeder, my 2nd great-grandfather, was born in Maxstoke, Warwickshire, England on October 13th, 1830. He was the son of Edward Reader and Frances Hubbard, one of at least 9 children. Not much is known of his grandparents, save for his mother’s father, Thomas Hubbard; Francis records in his journal that this grandfather died at Jamaica in defense of the British Crown in 1801. His father’s trade was that of a Gardener. [1]Film # 1067414: marriage record for Francis H. Reader and Elizabeth Maria Hemming. Copy in possession of Sarah Jane Reeder Lewis Also as

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