Dead Letters – The Ogden Junction, November 4, 1873

List of Letters

Remaining unclaimed in the Post Office in Ogden, Territory of Utah,
on the 1st of Nov., 1873, which, if not called for before the
1st of Dec. 1873, will be sent to the Dead Letter Office:

Anderson, Ike
Allen, Johny
Clark, C M
Cannon, Frank 2
Cook, J W
Cotton, John
Clemons, C
Davis, W
Davidson, O J
Dolph, Samuel 3
Doughety, Jas
Fitzgerald, J C 2
Fisher, John
Foley, Pat
Foster, E M
Gaston, W C
Gardner, Bob
Gelpin, John
Giles, P E
Griffin, M
Hancock, Chas
Harris, H L
Hall, Jacob
Harris, E D
Hifferman, Gen I
Head, A M
Hickenlooper, John
Jewett, M S
Lloyd, Joseph
Lownes, W H
Mare, John
Mahaffey, S A
Mine, J
Morse, B
Merris, P
McMaster, Marke
Nevines, A P
Nugent, J C
Neilson, Ed
O’Brien, John
O’Leary, John
Parker, Theron
Ruby, J H
Richards, Willard
Rogers, W H
Smith, J R 2
Smith, Chas
Smith, J T
Sener, G H
Severn, Joseph
Taylor, T
Thompon, Wm 2
Thompson, C W
Thomas, Martin
Thorsen, J B
Thayer, F M
Uplinger, R 2
Valentine, J W
Vincent, Auson
Watts, Joe W
Walker, Iram
Wolf, A
Wassell, Edwin
Webb, Jas W
Wendorn, John
Wheelock, F G
Wheat, Chas
Williams, Eugene
Wiggins, Jack
Wylie, R C
Yoochild, Wilford

Ladies’ List

Anderson, Miss H
Curtis, Mrs M
Dykes, Miss L J
Harris, Mrs Louisa
Hawkins, Mary
Pearce, Mrs M
Phillips, Mrs M A
Roth, Mrs Sarah
Smith, Miss S A
Swarner, Miss M A

To obtain any of these letters, the applicant must ask for “advertised letters,”
give date of the paper and pay one cent for advertising. If not called for within
one month, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.

Joseph Hall, P. M.

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