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Biography of Phebe Phelps Stonebraker

Phebe Phelps StonebrakerPioneer of 1850 Submitted by Terry Morby Phebe Phelps Stonebraker was born June 27, 1833 in Hamilton Country, Ohio of early American stock. Her parents were John and Mary Leachman Phelps. The year she was born, the Kirkland, Ohio temple was begun. The Leachman’s were early Virginia settlers and owned two plantations, “Pleasant Grove” and “Locust Grove”. “Pleasant Grove” was still in the family as late as 1918. Phoebe used to say her mother was raised a lady and had servants to serve her. Records of these early settlers from Virginia were destroyed in Civil War days when […]

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James R McGraw headstone

Biography of James R. McGraw

Captain of the Eleventh Pioneer Company to Utah in 1852Great Leader of Men and Follower of Many Callings Written by Delna PowellApril 22, 2002 James R. McGraw James R. [1]He is listed as James M. McGaw in Nauvoo Seventies Record; James E. McGaw in the Church Emigration Card File; James R. McGaw 1856 Utah State Census and on Headstone. McGaw was born August 27, 1823 at Clisiliva, Clinton Township, Niagara District, Upper Canada. He is the son of Charles McGaw and Susannah Taylor. [2]Church Emigration Card File 302, 305 and 306. In 1845 he wrote his Genealogy and Biography in the

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Autobiography of Sarah Ann Sturgess Hill

By Sarah Ann Sturgess Hill I was born on the 4th of October 1832 at Oadby, Leicestershire England. I am the daughter of William Sturgess and Hannah Gumley Sturgess. My mother died of consumption when I was about five years old. My father died a few years later. I am the youngest of eight. Three died in infancy. There were five of us left orphans. One brother was away, a soldier in the East Indies. Young as I was I had to stay at home and keep house while my brother John and my sister Hanna worked to help keep

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Biography of Frederick Charles Brooks, II

Frederick Charles Brooks, Sr. was born June 2, 1850 in Coventry, Warwick, England to parents also from England, Frederick Charles Brooks, I and Mary Ann Boyler Wilson. He migrated to the United States and that is where he met and married Harriet Whatman, whom was also a native of England, and a daughter of Henry Whatman, also from England. Frederick & his wife later gained US Citizenship and were baptized LDS and became upstanding citizens of the ever growing community of Ogden, Utah. Frederick was a farmer and worked hard to support his family of 8 and was dedicated to

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